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The 5 secrets to make best use our Professional Chocolate Moulds

Supreme, is the line of professional chocolate moulds for making perfectly shaped pralines, bars, snacks and subjects. Thanks to their extremely high quality, well thought-out design and wide range, Martellato offers one of the best product lines on the market.

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In this article we will show you 5 secrets for a perfect chocolate preparations with Martellato's professional moulds.

The chocolate moulds made by Martellato

One important thing to know about our moulds is that they highlight the sparkle of chocolate like no other material.

Thanks to their ability to evenly distribute the heat of tempered chocolate and the transparency of the material, it is possible to keep the cooling chocolate under control during the entire crystallisation process.

One of the winning features of Martellato moulds is their very high quality, which, combined with our passion for design chocolate, makes this item among the best in its category.

We made it thinking of you

The professional is our main target, through whom we are able to improve ourselves. This is the reason why we give importance to the feedback of those who work daily in the lab.No doubt we have to offer moulds made with the best materials, to guarantee excellent results. First of all, shininess. On a technical level, instead, design is fundamental. A chocolate product requires adequate crystallisation time and methods to have a perfect demoulding phase, to guarantee maximum productivity and appearance. In this sense, we have learnt that there are important parameters to keep in mind, not only in the design processbutalso in the production phase. That is why every mould is carefully tested before being put on the market.

What is the best way to make Martellato's professional chocolate moulds last for a long time and what are the tricks to keep in mind to make aesthetically perfect chocolate products?

Here are the 5 secrets for perfect production:


A perfectly clean mould ensures that the contracting chocolate comes off easily, avoiding unpleasant inaccuracies and dullness. For proper washing, we recommend removing any residue with sponges or soft cloths - avoiding abrasive products, as they would irreparably damage the surface of the mould.

To preserve the moulds longer, we recommend that the water temperature does not exceed 50/55°C during washing and that the detergent used is a mild or possibly specific product.

Water with a low lime content is always preferable, even more so if it is demineralised water, as excessive water hardness could interfere with the performance of the mould, drastically reducing the chocolate's lustre or in some cases ruining the surface of the mould itself.


In addition to cleanning, one of the most important things to know is that a perfect chocolate product can only be made if the chocolate has been optimally tempered.

An unskilled tempering process can cause specks to appear on the surface of the finished product. This indicates that there is an incorrect crystallisation of the butter, that has emerged. This occurs when the procedure has not been carried out in the proper manner or due to bad preservation. It is important to know that is a good practice to keep the chocolate stirred; this ensure that the crystals of the cocoa butter remain stable.

Depending on the type of chocolate, the temperature to be reached will be different. The temperature for dark chocolate is recommended to be around 31°C, for milk chocolate around 29°C, for white 28°C. It is also advisable to read the instructions on the chocolate packaging carefully. It is very useful to know that moulds that are at temperature similar or equal to tempering chocolate results in an extremely glossy product.

Advantages of well-tempered chocolate:

The removal of the chocolate will be easier and the praline will be shinier as the sugars and cocoa butter itself will not resurface in the finished product, causing the white patina that would give the chocolate an unpleasant appearance.

The praline or chocolate bar retains the 'crunch' typical of well-processed chocolate.

When tasted, the chocolate does not melt on contact with hands contact.

To accurately temper chocolate, discover DigitalMeltinchoc, the digital chocolate melter by Martellato.


The working space is also of great importance, because chocolate needs a very specific humidity level and fears high temperatures. That is why experts recommend working with 18 to 20 °C temperature room and a 55 to 60 % humidity level.


If properly maintained, chocolate moulds can last for many years. It is therefore advisable to carry out gentle washings even if the moulds have been out of use for a while and to ensure that they remain in good condition over time.


Our advice is to always store moulds properly after use and cleaning, possibly covering them or storing them in a box to protect them from dust, which could damage the mould over time. To ensure that the moulds retain their properties, it is most important to store them on flat surfaces, away from light and heat sources and, if possible, raised off the ground.


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