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Flora - by Javier Guillen

Flora, the polycarbonate mould designed with Javier Guillen, is inspired by the flowers that flood Spanish gardens. The praline was created by our designers with a modern and romantic style.

Flora is one of the VIP line praline, for which Javier Guillen is ambassador together with other master chocolatiers on the international scene.

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The Flora polycarbonate mould signed by Javier Guillen: a new shape to enrich the VIP line of Martellato.


"FLORA" - Recipe by Javier Guillen



Platano pulp

Cream 35%

Glucose 69%

Chocolate Cover 69%

Butter 82%



Bring the cream and nutmeg to the boil. Add the platano pulp, glucose and heat. Slowly pour the boiling mixture over the previously melted chocolate. Mix "in a round" in the centre of the mixture with the help of a pastry spatula. When the elastic and shiny core appears, this is the sign of an emulsion that has started and must be maintained throughout the mixing and the progressive addition of liquid. Once the mixture is finished, check that the temperature does not exceed 40°C and add the butter in pieces. Perfect the emulsion with the help of a hand blender.


Would you like to know more about Flora moulds? Click the bottom to discover it.


ABOUT Javier Guillen:

Javier Guillén started his career working with Ferran Adrià (3* Michelin), and continued with many high-level experiences all over the world, as at Oriol Balaguer Tokyo, El Bulli and Catering Tentation. He worked also at Pierre Hermé and then joined Valhrona. He provides master classes and consulting around the world.



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