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Mount - a dream of Philip Khoury

A praline that encapsulates the evocative essence of the mountains through a modern and sophisticated interpretation, in perfect Khoury style. Mount is one of the pralines in the VIP line, for which Philip Khoury is ambassador together with other master chocolatiers on the international scene.

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The Mount polycarbonate mould signed by Philip Khoury, is inspired by the mountains of Lebanon. A new shape to pay tribute to Jabal Moussa, an unspoilt reserve in the Lebanese mountain range.


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"MOUNT" - Recipe by Philip Khoury

Pine nut, vanilla and blackcurrant, Mount Bon Bon Blackberry/Cassis Gelee


Blackberry Puree 200 g

Cassis Puree 200 g

Caster sugar 180 g

Glucose 80 g

Total 660 g - ideal for 1 Mount mould


Boil all together until 105°C then cool down before placing into piping bag to cool to room temperature (18-20°C). Pipe 2-3g into the tip of each mould.

Pine Nut Ganache


Soya milk (Bio) 180 g

Vanilla pod, seeds scraped 1

Cocoa butter, deodorised 45 g

Trimoline 40 g

Pine nut couverture 200 g

Total 465 g - ideal for 3 Mount moulds


Heat soy milk, vanilla and cocoa butter to a boil, then allow to cool to 60°C. Pour the 60°C liquids over the trimoline and couverture and use a hand blender in a tall container and blend to achieve a creamy emulsion with a finished temperature of 35°C. Pour into piping bag and lay on the bench until a surface temp of the bag cools to 25°C then use immediately. Allow to Crystallise before capping with dark chocolate.


Spray the mould with silver cocloured cocoa butter from one direction. Shell with a thin layer of 66% dark couverture chocolat. Fill bon bon with 2-3g of gelee, then remaining with ganache leaving a 1mm gap to cap with more chocolate once crystallised.


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ABOUT Philip Khoury:

Award-winning pastry chef Philip Khoury is Head Pastry Chef at the prominent Harrods in London.

Classically trained, he works to innovate through reformulation and reinvention. His philosophy aims to marry flavour, texture and beautiful presentation in what he calls “the holy trinity” of dessert enjoyment.



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