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Flow - by Wei Loon Tan

Flow, the polycarbonate mould designed with Wei Loon Tan, is inspired by the sinuosity of oriental rivers, where he lives. The praline was created by our designers with a sophisticated and minimal style in mind. Flow is one of the VIP line praline, for which Wei Loon Tan is ambassador together with other Master Chocolatiers on the international scene.

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The Flow polycarbonate mould signed by Wei Loon Tan: a new shape to enrich the VIP line of Martellato.


"FLOW" - Two Recipes by Wei Lon Tan


Sesame Ganache


Sesame Seed 60 g

Sugar 60 g

Water 6 g

Dark Chocolate 55% 125 g

Milk Chocolate 34% 125 g

Cream 35% 220 g


Spread into the tray and bake in the oven at 180°C. Keep aside and cool down. Put in the Robot Coupe and blend until it become a paste. Warm up the cream, mix dark and milk chocolate together and add in the sesame paste. Pour the warm cream into the chocolate mixture gradually and mix well. Make an emulsion and pour into the mold.

Red fruit Jelly


Water 200 g

Red fruit tea 25 g

Raspberry Purée 330 g

Sugar 355 g

NH pectin 7 g


Infuse tea with boiled water for 2 hours. Using chinoiserie and rescale the water, add in purée. Add in sugar and pectin, cook to 104’C. Cool down, blend and pipe.


Basil Ganache


Cream 35% 400 g

Basil 30 g

Glucose DE60 80 g

Sorbitol Crystal 40 g

White Chocolate 700 g

Butter 100 g


Infuse basil in hot cream. Filter and reweigh the cream. Stir in sugar, heat it to 60°C and pour onto chocolate. Stir in butter and emulsify. At 28°C, put on top of jelly. Let it crystallise and seal.

Lemon Jelly


Lemon Puree 400 g

Pear Puree 110 g

Sugar 40 g

Pectin 11 g

Glucose 135 g

Sugar 420 g

Lemon Extract QS

Citric Acid Solution 9 g


Warm up lemon and pear puree together. Add in sugar-pectin mixture and stir nicely. After that, add in glucose and 2nd sugar into puree mixture and bring it to 106°C. Remove from fire and add in lemon extract and acid solution.


Would you like to know more about Flow moulds? Click the bottom to discover it.


ABOUT Wei Loon Tan:

Wei Loon Tan is World Pastry Champion 2019 (Coupe du Monde de la Patisserie), Asian Pastry Champion 2018 and 2014. He heads the Pastry section of APCA Malaysia. Wei Loon thinks and works like a scientist and an artist together because 'one cannot live without the other.

As an author, it means never stopping imagining, diverging and researching.



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