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Level - How to use for perfect layering

Ready to make perfect layering with LEVEL, the professional dough stretcher suitable for any surface that allows you to quickly obtain precise and uniform layers of biscuit, sponge cake and similar products.

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One person, in half the time and three simple steps, on any surface In a few simple steps, a single operator can roll out large quantities of product to the desired size, reducing time and waste.


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Place the supports on which you intend to spread the compound on a perfectly flat surface.

1. ADJUST flow and thickness Choose the spreading thickness on the graduated scale, using the plexiglass rulers. Set the output flow according to the density of the compound, choosing the opening size of the bottom.

2. POUR the mixture

Making sure that the guillotine is closed, pour the mixture into the steel bowl, using a spatula.

3. ROLL OUT the mix

Raise the guillotine and by sliding the wheels easily pull the instrument onto the chosen support, paper, silicone or acetate.

Level facilitates and speeds up the uniform spreading of biscuit, sponge cakes, chocolate and similar products, sliding on different surfaces, such as baking paper and silicone mats.
Level is designed to rationalise production: it speeds up times, simplifies steps and reduces costs.

ADVANTAGES Precise and regular spreading Quick and easy process Maximum productivity Easy adjustments Compact and practical tool Easy to clean.

TECHNICAL FEATURES Made entirely of stainless steel Millimetric graduated scale Adjustment knobs Directional wheels for fast sliding Movable wall for thickness adjustment Internal dividers for flow adjustment Accessories for adjustment of thin shims Maximum capacity 12 litres Weight: 4,3 kg Total size: 480x200 h200 mm Slot width: 380 mm


Do you need the recipe to do a perfect biscuit? We present you two simple preparations signed by Giuseppe Gagliardi.


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ABOUT Giuseppe Gagliardi:

Giuseppe Gagliardi took his first steps in confectionery in the early 1980s, studied and got to know master Gianpiero Gertosio, from whom he learnt the tricks of the trade, values such as humility, passion and respect for colleagues.

A teacher, private consultant and demonstrator for companies in the sector, he has collaborated with the Emilia Romagna Region on gastronomic enhancement projects at European level and has set up a working group for the knowledge and protection of cocoa.



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