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Sweet Cylinder - recipe by Pasticceria Benito

The semifreddo created by AMPI master pastry chef Odorino Benito represents the excellence of modern pastry making. Made with the latest generation of Block silicone moulds, this dessert offers a unique sensory experience, combining creaminess and lightness in a perfect form.

Discover the recipe that will enchant the most demanding palates.

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Odorino Benito AMPI Pastry Chef, present his recipe to make perfect desserts with Block silicone moulds line by Martellato


"Sweet Cylinder" Recipe by Odorino Benito

Soft Almond Biscuit


Albumen 300 G

Caster Sugar 200 G

Whole Eggs 150 G

Almond Powder 130 G

00 Flour 70 G

2 G Salt

Baking 7 G


Whip egg whites and caster sugar in a planetary mixer until creamy and mix gently with the rest of the ingredients previously refined in the cutter. Pour into a 40x60 baking tin and bake at 190° x 15 minutes with the valve closed.

Lemon and Almond Namelaka (x 1 Mould)


Whole Milk 40 G

Dextrose 15 G

Lemon Peel 3 G

Almond Paste Val Di Noto 35 G

Gelatine Powder 2 G

White Chocolate 55 G

Liquid Cream 84 G


Bring fresh milk and dextrose to the boil, pour over the rest of the ingredients and mix, add the liquid cream and mix again. Store for 12 hours in a positive refrigerator and then whip in a planetary mixer until creamy and pour into moulds.

Apricot Jelly (x 1 mould)


Apricot Pulp 160 G

Caster sugar 15 G

Dextrose 15 G

Gelatine Powder 2 G

Lemon Juice 10 G


Heat the pulp to 50°, add the rest of the ingredients, mix and pour into the moulds.

Light Raspberry Mousse


Raspberry pulp 55 G

Caster sugar 20 g

Egg yolks 10 G

Cocoa butter 15 G

Gelatine Powder 2 G

Glossy Cream 90 G


Bring the raspberry pulp, sugar and egg yolks to 84°, then pour over the cocoa butter and gelatine powder and mix, cool to 30°-32° and pour over the polished cream in three batches and stir gently. Pour into the moulds.


Place the lemon and almond namelaka on the previously cropped almond biscuit, followed by the apricot jelly and the light raspberry mousse. Sprinkle everything with neutral jelly and decorate with raspberries, almonds and mint leaves.

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Benito Odorino, class of ‘88, the third generation of Pasticceria Benito, completed his high school studies and took the university route. After taking several exams at the Faculty of Economics and Commerce, he realised that pastry-making was his highest expression. He thus began his training path by attending various Italian schools such as Cast Alimenti, Selmi Group, Red Academy, Pastry Concept, Chocolate Academy Milano and attended international courses, even in France, sharing ideas and experiences with great masters. His passion and curiosity for this work increase day after day and his desire to make the ‘Pasticceria Benito’ brand known at the highest levels lead him to design and create customised workshops paying particular attention to chocolate, his great passion.

In 2015, he was a guest of the Icam company at the Milan Expo, presenting the collection created for the event, and it was there that he was invited to participate in the RAI television programme ‘Geo&Geo’. In 2018, his trip to the cocoa plantations in Santo Domingo, organised by the company Cacao Barry, was decisive for the creation of his own chocolate ‘Meraki’ by Benito Odorino. In 2021, he taught the course ‘In Pastry: Pralines, Snacks and Bars’ at the ‘In Cibum’ school and participated as an external jury member in the ‘I cook You’ school.

His real strength is the unity and tireless cooperation of his family.



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