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Slice Cup by Javier Guillen

With this recipe, Javier Guillen has skilfully enhanced the new Slice cups model from Martellato's Elegant Catering Solution line. The Slice tumbler, with its clean, minimalist design, adapts to every need in the pastry, ice-cream and Ho.Re.Ca. sectors, lending itself to numerous interpretations.

Javier Guillen proposes his recipe by skilfully combining flavours and colours, for a result that is sophisticated to the eye and to the palate.

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The 160 ml capacity and the possibility of also having a lid make it suitable for all take-away and delivery needs.

Entirely Made in Italy, Slice is stackable, can be reused several times and, once thrown away, is 100% recyclable.


"DELICIOUS SLICE" - Recipe by Javier Guillen



Flour 100 g

Almond flour 100 g

Butter 100 g

Muscovado Sugar 100 g


Mix the ingredients with a planetary machine. When there are no more pieces, stop mixing and cook at 150°C for 20 minuts.



Raspberry 420 g

Water 100 g

Sugar 75 g

Thickener 30 g


Mix and cool.



UHT milk 120 g

Powdered thickener 7 g

Yoghurt powder 20 g

Dark Chocolate 42% 320 g

UHT cream 35% 450 g


Heat the milk. Add the lemon peel and leave to infuse for 15 minutes. Add more milk if necessary. Simmer the milk. Add the previously hydrated melted gelatine. Stir as soon as possible to perfect the emulsion. Mix the yoghurt powder with the yoghurt. While the cream is foaming. Gently stir the yoghurt into the whipped cream. Before the mixture is completely done, check the temperature of the emulsion (28° C) and add it.


Would you like to know more about Sòice Cup? Click the bottom to discover it.


ABOUT Javier Guillen:

Javier Guillén started his career working with Ferran Adrià (3* Michelin), and continued with many high-level experiences all over the world, as at Oriol Balaguer Tokyo, El Bulli and Catering Tentation. He worked also at Pierre Hermé and then joined Valhrona. He provides master classes and consulting around the world.



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