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Get an excellent Tempering with DigitalMeltinchoc

Digital Meltinchoc, digital chocolate melter, is made of thermo-resistant plastic material, with tank and removable lid in stainless steel and thermal probe for chocolate temperature regulation.

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The electronic board manages the internal resistance and the chocolate temperature detection through the external probe to optimize the achievement of the required result and to allow a faster and more precise melting of chocolate.

The front panel provides suggestions for tempering, adjustable manually or following the 3 different programs according to the type of chocolate: white, milk or dark chocolate.

The indications on the display help the operator to complete the phases of tempering and maintaining chocolate.

Main features: constant and homogeneous temperature, extractable stainless steel tank, selectable programs, rapid melting, digital control, graphic display, temperature probe and sound indicators.


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"TEMPERING" - Step by step

DigitalMeltinchoc was designed to perform tempering through the insemination technique.

Three preset programs allow you to temper the chocolate in a fully assisted way. A fourth program allows manual tempering. After having poured 70% of the chocolate to be tempered into the basin. Choose the program that you want to set.

Simply start the program by pressing SET. Cover the melter with the lid. The display will indicate the rise in the ideal temperature for melting (45 ° C).

An audible warning will alert you to mix the chocolate. When the display will have graphically signaled and an audible warning that the temperature has been reached, press SET. Now you can proceed with the insemination.

Pour 30% of the still to be melted chocolate into the basin. Press SET and mix. The temperature will drop to reach degrees of adequate temperature. A pictogram will tell you that the tempering is finished. You will keep the stable temperature for as long as necessary.

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