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Frank Haasnoot's Travel Cake

The famous Master Pastry Chef Frank Haasnoot present his recipe to make a travel cake with Geometric moulds by Martellato.

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Stainless steel mould for making travel cakes classic or decorated in a modern way. In same models the tubular insert, easily removable after baking, allows you to creatively fill the cakes even with non-baked fillings.


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"Chocolate Travel Cake" - by Frank Haasnoot



Inverted sugar 293.72 g

Cream, 35% fat 587.43 g

Egg mixture 1077.23 g

Granulated sugar (sucrose) 489.80 g

Almond flour 293.72 g

Wheat flour, type 00 469.79 g

Cocoa powder 22-24 97.64 g

Chemical yeast Back Pulver 31.21 g

Butter 82% mf 264.11 g

70% Dark chocolate 391.36 g

Salt 4.00 g

Total phase: 4000.00 g


Mix cream, sugars, eggs and add the dry ingredients.

Combine melted chocolate with butter.



Water 127.66 g Granulated sugar (sucrose) 317.27 g Tonka bean 1.88 g Cream, 35% fat 535.04 g Butter 82% mf144.56 g White Caramel 35% Carameled Chocolate 360.45 g Salt 13.14 g Total phase: 1500.00 g


Make a dark caramel with sugar, grated tonka bean and water.

Decoct with hot cream. Emulsify over melted chocolate, butter and salt. Cool down.

Quantity of product to pour into each model

  • CUBÒ (cod. 30TC55) 350 g baking 165° for 30 minutes

  • BLOCK&OVAL (cod. 30TC56) 450 g baking 165° for 35 minutes

  • FANCY (cod. 30TC53F) 550 g baking 165° for 40 minutes

  • TRIANGLE (cod. 30TC52F) 550 g baking 165° for 40 minutes

  • CARRÈ (cod. 30TC51F) 550 g baking 165° for 40 minutes

  • CARRÈ (cod. 30TC50F) 500 g baking 165° for 35 minutes

  • ROUND (cod. 30TC54F) 550 g baking 165° for 40 minutes


Would you like to know more about Travel Cake moulds? Click the bottom to discover all models.



Frank Haasnoot

Frank Haasnoot is a Dutch pastry chef and chocolatier with over 25 years experience.

When Frank finished his education he started working for several luxury pastry shops and Michelin star restaurants. He decided to leave The Netherlands and started to work around the globe.

In the last 11 years he worked in New York, Kuwait, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Barcelona.

During his career Frank competed in national and international pastry competitions. In 2011 he was awarded as a World Champion in pastry & chocolate at The World Chocolate Masters in Paris.

In 2019 Frank relocated back to The Netherlands and started working as a international consultant and pastry instructor.

Last year he launched his first pastry book Prisma.


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