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Cremino crispy pistachio and white chocolate recipe

Cremino is a type of cube-shaped chocolate, composed of three layers of chocolate, the two outer layers hazelnut-flavoured and the inner layer pistachio-flavoured. Discover the revised recipe below make it with Guitar Cutter by Martellato.

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"Cremino Crispy"

Ingredients :

Cremino pistachio white chocolate 1200 g

Cremino white chocolate hazelnut 1200 g

Cremino pistachio white chocolate 1200 g


Pour one layer at a time, making sure that the layer underneath has crystallised before pouring the next one. Recipe for a 36x36 cm h 15 mm frame.



white chocolate 1315,07g

pistachio grain 986,30g

cocoa butter 98,63g


Melt the coating and cocoa butter at 45/48°C. Temper at 28.5°C and add the grits. Mix well and pour into 36x36 frame with acetate sheet on the bottom. Crystallise at 15°C for approx. 6/8 hr hygrometry 65%. Store at 22°C for 4 h for cutting with manual cutter. Avoid sudden changes in temperature and humidity for correct product storage.



White chocolate 800 g

100% pure hazelnut paste 400 g


Melt the topping at 45/48°C. Temper at 28.5°C and add the smooth hazelnut paste. Mix well and pour into frame. Store at 20/22°C humidity 65%.

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