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Guitar Cutter: the new versatile and precise pastry guitar

Versatile, functional and durable: thanks to its features, the new aluminum Guitar Cutter is your essential partner in daily production.

A tool that will allow you to work precisely, simplifying steps and increasing productivity. It will be quick and easy to cut creams, ganaches, shortcrust and puff pastry, all soft masses, raw materials and finished products. The structure is designed to give greater stability and strength in the cutting process, reducing effort and waste, optimizing production, raising standards and efficiency.

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Handy and easy to clean, the aluminum base has a wider cutting angle to reduce the practitioner's effort. It is also wider and longer to give greater stability when cutting.


Steel frames, with ergonomic handle, are easily interchangeable thanks to the Easy System, the exclusive interlocking system that facilitates insertion. They are available in different cut sizes to allow various combinations and create mignons, single portions, cremini, pralines and more. The steel tray and the plastic raplette are included to facilitate the movement of the products.


- Frames: 62,2x44,2 cm

- Base: 60x40 h 10 cm

- Cutting: 38x40 cm

- Total: 63,6 x 44,2 h 10,9 cm

- Base: 5,5 kg

- Frame weight: 5,5 kg


Watch the Video


"Cremino" Recipe

"Operà Mignon" Recipe


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