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"Marina" by Frank Haasnoot

The famous Master Pastry Chef Frank Haasnoot present his recipe to make a perfect dessert with Marina, the elegant BlackSil mould.

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Food grade silicone is the perfect ally for pastry chefs to bake and freeze cakes, parfaits, single portions and much more, withstanding temperatures from -60°C to +230°C. Martellato offers dozens of food grade silicone moulds for monoportions and cakes, in many different shapes.


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"Marina" - by Frank Haasnoot



Financier orange 25 g

Yuzu cremeux 20 g

Mandarin marmelade 10 g

Orange vanilla mix cream 30 g

Glacage 30 g

Total phase: 119 g (quantity for each individual dessert)


Pipe orange financier in a 4 cm round silicone a tray and sprinkle with hazelnut pieces and bake at 180’C. After cooling down, place the mandarin marmelade on top of the financier. Cool down and pipe the yuzu creme on top and freeze all. Whip the orange vanilla mix cream(not to airy) and pipe in the Marina mould, freeze completely. Dip the pastry through the orange glacage, and finish with decoration.



Almond powder 103 g

Sugar 164 g

Egg white 159 g

Butter 114 g

Flour 45 g

Salt 3 g

Lemon zest 10 g

Vanilla 3 g

Marzipan 50 % 48 g

Diced candied orange 52 g

Total phase: 700 g


Mix the marzipan, almond powder, sugar, flour, salt, lemon zest, and egg white. Brown the butter with the vanilla (beurre noisette), only use the butter part. Mix the browned butter with the marzipan mixture.

Mix in the chopped candied orange.



Yuzu juice 150 g

Lime zest 15 g

Egg 128 g

Sugar 90 g

Gelatine mass 15 g

Cocoa butter 38 g

Butter 165 g

Total phase: 600 g


Heat the yuzu juice with the lime skin peel. Combine together the egg, sugar. Boil together until it's boiling. Strain directly the mix on the cocoa butter and gelatin mass. Leave to cool down until 35C.

Add the butter in one shot and use the hand blender to mix well until it's totally smooth.



Cream 477 g

Vanilla Madagascar 1

Gelatin mass 19 g

Zephyr 34% 95 g

Cointreau 6 g

Finely graded orange 2 pcs

Total phase: 600 g


Boil 1/3 of the cream with vanilla, orange zest. Add the gelatin mix into the cream. Mix with the white chocolate, followed by the remaining cream and cointreau. Blend with handblender and strain all, and leave overnight before whipping.



Mandarine fruit whole 311 g

Sugar 102 g

Fresh mandarine juice 45 g

Fresh lime juice 38 g

Pectine NH 4 g

Total phase: 500 g


Cook the mandarins for around 30 minutes boiling water. Cut half of them in brunoise and the other half you make into a puree with a handblender. Mix the sugar with the pectin and mix it with the lime juice and mandarin juice. Mix all ingredients into a pan and bring to a boil.



Milk 50 g

Cream 50 g

Glucose 168 g

Zephyr 34% 336 g

Gelatin mass 60 g

Neutral nappage 336 g

Total phase: 1000 g


Bring milk, cream and glucose to a boil. Add this to the gelatin mass and neutral glacage. Melt the chocolate in it. Mix with a hand blender, avoid incorporating too much air.

Would you like to know more about BlackSil moulds? Click the bottom to discover all models.



Frank Haasnoot

Frank Haasnoot is a Dutch pastry chef and chocolatier with over 25 years experience.

When Frank finished his education he started working for several luxury pastry shops and Michelin star restaurants. He decided to leave The Netherlands and started to work around the globe.

In the last 11 years he worked in New York, Kuwait, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Barcelona.

During his career Frank competed in national and international pastry competitions. In 2011 he was awarded as a World Champion in pastry & chocolate at The World Chocolate Masters in Paris.

In 2019 Frank relocated back to The Netherlands and started working as a international consultant and pastry instructor.

Last year he launched his first pastry book Prisma.



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