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Slope - a taste explosion with Philip Khoury

The Slope mould is designed to make pralines for gradual tasting. Starting from the end you reach the top, increasing the pleasure with each bite, intensifying the taste. A true moment of pleasure! Slope is one of the pralines in the VIP line, for which Philip Khoury is ambassador together with other master chocolatiers on the international scene.

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The Slope mould signed by Philip Khoury, is the new shape of VIP line, the range of praline signed by the most popular pastry chef in the world.


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"Cherry Pistachio Bon Bon"

Recipe by Philip Khoury - makes 40 pcs (2 moulds)

Cherry Gel


Cherry juice 200 g

Caster sugar 60 g

Glucose syrup 25 g

Citric acid powder 1.5 g


Add all the ingredients to a saucepan and mix well. Cook over medium heat to a boil and continue cooking to 107°C. Allow to cool.

Pistachio "Cold" Praline


Pistachio Paste 200 g

Cocoa Butter 40 g

Icing Sugar 100 g

Maldon Sea Salt 2 g


Melt the cocoa butter and mix well with all remaining ingredients  - by hand or with a blender. Spread on a marble/cool surface to temper by cooling it to 26°C then pour into a piping bag. 


Spray moulds with shades of red coloured cocoa butter, create a thin shell with Cacao Barry Guyaqyuil Bitter 65% dark chocolate or a fluid 65-70% dark chocolate. Fill halfway with cooled cherry gel, and then on top pipe the tempered pistachio praline leaving 1mm to cap with more tempered dark chocolate once the praline has crystallised. 


Would you like to know more about SLOPE mould? Click the bottom to discover all models.


ABOUT Philip Khoury:

Award-winning pastry chef Philip Khoury is Head Pastry Chef at the prominent Harrods in London.

Classically trained, he works to innovate through reformulation and reinvention. His philosophy aims to marry flavour, texture and beautiful presentation in what he calls “the holy trinity” of dessert enjoyment.



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