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Luigi Biasetto for One Strip

The moulds revolution with One Strip, the cake and single portion moulds that allow to work easily in your lab. Fast to cooling, ideal to be stocked in the refrigerator, we present you "Caramelia", the recipe signed by the World Champion Luigi Biasetto.

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The disposable moulds for cakes One Strip allow the reduction of production time, the cost of materials and labor and the reduction of 25% of consumption. Thanks to these revolutionary disposable moulds you can save up to 30% of production costs!

“One Strip is the opportunity for the pastry chef to work faster, save time and space: a chance to look at the future.”

Luigi Biasetto


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"CARAMELIA" - Recipe by Luigi Biasetto



tpt 400 gr

eggs 300 gr

cocoa 22/24 100 gr

potato starch 70 gr

butter 60 gr

egg whites 200 gr

sugar 50 gr


In a mixer, homogenize the eggs, egg whites, tpt, potato starch and cocoa. Meanwhile, bring the butter to 124 ° C, then whip the glossy egg whites with all the sugar from the beginning. Mix the emulsion and the hot butter to the egg white, then spread a layer on a sheet of baking paper. With the help of a template with 16 cm diameter holes, create rounds 10 mm thick. Bake at 250 °C. Bake at 230 °C for 10-12 minutes with the valve open.



water 80 ml

jelly 120 bloom 16 gr

sugar 40 grbutter 20 gr

1 vanilla bourbon

cream 240 gr

fava beans Tonka

glucose 100 gr

pate à bomb 370 gr

cream 720 gr


Bring the cream to the boil with the vanilla bean and the tonka bean, in the meantime caramelize the sugar and with the help of a whisk add the butter in the caramel, then slowly the boiling cream. Add the previously rehydrated gelatin, then move to the chinois and break down to + 21 ° C. Meanwhile, whip the cream and the bomb pate, then incorporate the cream cream to the cream, simul-taneously with the bomb pate mounted. Prepare the ONE STRIP 6 molds for each pan of 16 cm diameter and place a sponge cake on the bottom. Then pour the creamy with the help of a ladle up to 2 cm of the height of the edge and beat to level, then break down to negative.



pate à bombe 460 gr

dark cover 75% 400 gr

butter ointment 120

cream 1000 gr


Mount the bomb pate up to 32 °C, incorporate the chocolate previously melted at 60 °C in the microwave oven and mixed with the butter, then mix with the previously glazed whipped cream.


Prepare the ONE STRIP d.18 cm molds in a pan, fill the mold up to half the height with the chocolate mousse just made, arrange the inside previously hardened in the blast chiller. Complete the filling up to 1 cm from the edge. Place the sponge cake bases, put a sheet of baking paper on the surface and crush with the help of a pan to level the filling. Break down and keep in negative.


Remove the chilled cakes from the oven and place them on a pan with a regular baking tray, maximum 3 at a time, to allow easy gla-zing. Pour the caramel glaze in the center of the cake, softened at 28 ° C, and creating a circular spiral movement, move the glaze towards the outer edges. Finish the glazing by leveling with a spa-tula, leaving a thickness of 1 mm of frosting on the surface. Then by rotating the cake on the grid with the help of a spatula to clean the edges, place it on squares of 20x20cm. Decorate as desired.



One Strip is 100% recyclable. This will result in less water usage and the elimination of detergents that are harmful to the environment.

Find out more about One Strip and its advantages on the Dedicated Page.

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ABOUT Luigi Biasetto:

He was born in Brussels, the city of chocolate par excellence, where he qualified as a Mâitre Pâtissier Chocolatier Confiseur Glacier. He worked in top pastry kitchens in the Belgian capital, where he forged lasting professional friendships with prominent names on the contemporary patisserie scene.

His Venetian origins drove a curiosity for the decorative techniques of the city’s master glassmasters, learning from them the art of transforming every piece into a masterpiece: sugar becomes a swan or morphs magically into a flower.

Returning to Italy in the ’90s, he put down strong roots in Padua and began to rack up numerous successes, the first of which was gold in the Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie in 1997. He sees victory not as a finish line, but as a challenge to keep improving, to keep pushing the boundaries.


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