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A tutta Frutta! Ice Tube e Stecco Mould By Martellato

The Italian Champion Anna Gerasi present her recipe to make refreshing popsicles with Ice Tube moulds and delicious Ice Cream with Stecco moulds by Martellato.

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IceTube is the professional popsicle mold that speeds up the preparation of homemade popsicles (Calippo style).

Available in 100-piece package, this popsicle shape is both a mould and a packaging. In fact, once IceTube comes out of the blast chiller or freezer, it is immediately ready for consumption.

The plastic material used is non-deformable and flexible to facilitate the extraction of the ice lolly. Moreover, thanks to its high resistance to temperature changes, Ice Tube reduces the time needed to freeze/shrink the product, keeping the mould intact.

Stecco Moulds is the silicone line perfect to create wonderful covered or simple ice creams on sticks. Its classic and linear shape allows you to create endless proposals, both sweet and savoury.


"A tutta Frutta" - by Anna Gerasi

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Maracujà fruit (passion fruit) pulp 280 gr

Water 565 ml

Squeezed lemon 10 gr

Sugar 140 gr

Kobi (neutral) 5 gr


Put all the liquids in a jug, sugar and kobi already mixed, pour them in a drizzle while emulsifying with a mixer, dress with a measuring cup in the moulds.

This recipe is also good for fruit :

Berries, Strawberry, Pineapple, Raspberry

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"Mango Passion" - by Anna Gerasi

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Mango pulp 700 g

Italian Meringue 140 g

Re-hydrated Jelly 100 g

Whipped Cream 560 g


Whip the Italian meringue. Combine the pulp with the melted gelatine and mix everything together. Mix together with the semi-whipped cream.

Chocolate Couverture


White chocolate 100 g

Cocoa Butter 50 g


Combine the white chocolate with the cocoa butter melted at the ideal temperature. Add the colouring agent Color Dust by Martellato.

Would you like to know more about Stecco moulds? Click the bottom to discover all models.



Anna Gerasi

Italian Chocolate Master 2022 Winner

Born in Brescia - class of 1976 - into a family of pastry chefs for generations.

An entrepreneur with many souls, she runs the historic Piccinelli pastry shop in Brescia together with her brother Gianpaolo.

She has always had an inordinate love for art, a passion that led her to graduate as Master of Art.

Chocolate is her favourite subject, with chocolate she creates and communicates her art.

The WCM was her first competition, she wanted to test herself with something important, perhaps the most important (apart from the coup du munde) in the pastry sector. Anna says it was an inner journey of which she is very satisfied and proud of the result, she loves playing with her limits and being a bit 'reckless'.

"To face such a tough journey you need to have a well-structured team, companies that believe in your ideas and support you all the way."



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