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Hope - by Anna Gerasi

The Hope chocolate mould, designed by Anna Gerasi, was inspired by the Kaleidoscope with the idea of reproducing the typical facets of GEN Z, the main theme of the World Chocolate Masters, where Anna Gerasi participated as a competitor. A generation that leaves room for experimentation and curiosity. Always eager to discover novelties from all over the world.

Hope is one of the VIP line praline, for which Anna Gerasi is ambassador together with other master chocolatiers on the international scene.

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The Hope chocolate mould signed by Anna Gerasi: a new shape to enrich the VIP line of Martellato.


"HOPE" - Recipe by Anna Gerasi

Griotte Jelly


Griotte puree 130 g

Sugar 48 g

Pectin 5 g

Lemon juice 15 g

Gelatine 180 bloom 2 g


Mix sugar and pectin, add to the puree and bring to the boil. Add lemon juice and hydrated gelatine.



Milk 75 g

Glucose 60 DE 5 g

Tremulin 13 g

Dextrose 8 g

Chocolate 70% 101 g

Cocoa butter 8 g

Rice oil 20 g

Anhydrous butter 20 g


Bring the milk and sugars to 35°C, pour into the chocolate in the melted cocoa mass at 45°C. Mix. Add the oil and the anhydrous butter.

Cremino Pistachio


Pistachio Praline 100 g

Salt 1 g

Cocoa butter 19 g

Sequins 30 g


Melt the cocoa butter, add it to the pistachio praline and salt. Add the cornflakes and grind. Temper.


Would you like to know more about Hope moulds? Click the bottom to discover it.


ABOUT Anna Gerasi:

Vincitore Italian Chocolate Master 2022

Nasce a Brescia - classe 1976 - da generazioni in una famiglia di pasticceri.

Imprenditrice dalle molte anime, gestisce insieme al fratello Gianpaolo la storica pasticceria Piccinelli di BrItalian Chocolate Master 2022 Winner

Born in Brescia - class of 1976 - into a family of pastry chefs for generations.

An entrepreneur with many souls, she runs the historic Piccinelli pastry shop in Brescia together with her brother Gianpaolo.

She has always had an inordinate love for art, a passion that led her to graduate as Master of Art.

Chocolate is her favourite subject, with chocolate she creates and communicates her art.

The WCM was her first competition, she wanted to test herself with something important, perhaps the most important (apart from the coup du munde) in the pastry sector. Anna says it was an inner journey of which she is very satisfied and proud of the result, she loves playing with her limits and being a bit 'reckless'.

"To face such a tough journey you need to have a well-structured team, companies that believe in your ideas and support you all the way."



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