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Beat - by Massimo Carnio

The Beat chocolate mould, designed in collaboration with the World Champion Massimo Carnio, was inspired by the heartbeat of humans, to highlight how behind every chocolatier beats a heart made of passion and true emotions.

Beat is one of the VIP line praline, for which Massimo Carnio is ambassador together with other master chocolatiers on the international scene.

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The Beat chocolate mould signed by Massimo Carnio: a new shape to enrich the VIP line of Martellato.


"BEAT" - Recipe by Massimo Carnio

Rose Drop


Rose infusion 365 g

Rose essence 10 drops

Sugar 80 g

Yellow pectin 8 g

Trehalose 260 g

Sorbitol powder 70 g

Glucose syrup 40DE 130 g

Invert sugar 80 g

Citric acid 50/50 7g


Boil 500g of water and infuse 5g of rose petals in it for 5/8 minutes. Make 365g for the recipe. Place the still-warm rose infusion and the pectin previously mixed with the sugar in a small saucepan. Bring to the boil and gradually add the trehalose, sorbitol, glucose syrup and invert sugar. Reach 75°brix or 103/104°C. Off the hob, add the citric acid and finally the rose essence.

Cassis Ganache


Cassis puree 215 g

Sorbitol powder 70 g

Fresh cream 65 g

Dextrose 35 g

Invert sugar 25 g

Milk coating 39% 540 g

Cocoa butter 50 g


In a jug, heat the liquids together with the sugars and bring everything to 40°C. Melt the couverture and cocoa butter by heating them to 35°C and combine them. Mix slowly for one minute using a cutter or a minipimer. Dress in the moulds at 30°C.

Decoration and filling:

Fill the hollow of the heart with dark chocolate, taking care not to exceed the level of the heart. Chill in the fridge for a few minutes until crystallised. Spray the mould inside with a tempered chocolate mass made of 50% cocoa butter, 50% dark chocolate 55% and a few drops of fat-soluble black colour. Immediately after chabloning quickly demould the now crystallised hearts where the clean heart will be visible without any decoration. Spray the heart inside first with the red fat-soluble colour tempered cocoa butter and then with the metallic gold colour. Allow the colour to cream and crystallise and then fill the moulds with chocolate for an initial layering. Leave about a 1 mm layer. Then fill with the rose drop and cassis ganache, taking care to leave a millimetre of space for the chocolate to close.


Would you like to know more about Beat moulds? Click the bottom to discover it.


ABOUT Massimo Carnio:

A child of art, he learned the secrets of the trade from his father and grandfather. Since the year two thousand, he has run with his wife Silvia his pastry shop and cafeteria "Villa dei Cedri" in Valdobbiadene (Treviso), which has become a point of reference especially for its breakfasts and assortment of chocolates, as well as for its renowned selection of mignons and ceremonial cakes. In addition to participating in competitions and winning renowned awards, Massimo Carnio consults for companies and pastry laboratories. He collaborated until 2019 with the R&D department of the company PreGel Spa. In 2016 he obtained the official appointment of Ambassador Cacao Barry, a company with which he collaborates to date. He actively collaborates with the company Martellato as a demonstrator and consultant. For Martellato he creates the ChocoFruit line: innovative 3D polycarbonate molds to make elegant fruit-shaped pralines. He also collaborates with Menz and Gasser and Disaronno. In 2018 he published his first book "Beats of Chocolate," published by Editrade, which marked the beginning of new projects and stimulating professional challenges. AWARDS Gold Medal at the Ice Cream World Cup 2020 - Award for best ice cream cake, best grand finale buffet, best original ice cream for decorated tub at the Gelato World Cup 2020 - Pastry Chef winner of Sigep Gelato d'Oro 2019 Italian Chocolate Champion 2015 in the Cacao Barry World Chocolate Master Best molded praline and best artistic piece
 Best Chocolate Dessert in the world at the 2015 Cacao Barry World Chocolate Masters in Paris.
 - Silver medal winner at the 2014 Ice Cream World Cup - Chocolatier winner at the 2013 Sigep Gold Cup


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