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MiniCubò 5 - recipe by Gabriele Trovato

An ever-evolving project: Mini Cubò is the mould in the new 6 x 6 cm format. Functional and practical, the new model in the Geometric line is now available. In the range you can also find molds composed of 5 units for high productivity: Mini Cubò 5 and Mini Cylinder 5.

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Gabriele Trovato – Pastry Teacher – IFSE  Academy of Torino, present his recipe to make perfect Cubic Croissant with Martellato moulds, Geometric.


"Croissant Cubico" Recipe by Gabriele Trovato



Flour 00 W350 1000 g

Sourdough 150 g

Butter 225 g

Sucrose 200 g

Eggs 325 g

Water 165 g

Salt 20 g

Flavouring (vanilla, lemon zest, orange zest) 20 g

Compressed yeast 40 g



Laminated butter 500 g


In the kneading machine, place the sourdough starter at the second refreshment, flour, compressed yeast, eggs, water and knead for about 10 minutes or at least until the dough is well mixed. Insert the sugar in two stages, then gradually add the soft butter and finally introduce the salt.

The dough should be smooth, homogeneous and at a temperature of 24°C. Form a mash and let it rest for 30 minutes. Flake the dough with a butter plate. Make a simple dough then fold twice, one by 3 and one by 5, respecting the resting time (keep the dough between 0°/-5°C).

Roll the dough in the sheeter to a thickness of 4 mm, roll out on the table and cut out squares with pastry cutters and place 2 squares in each mould. Leave to rise until about double in volume. Bake at 190°C for 18/20 minutes.

Coconut Pastry Cream


Whole milk 525 g

Cream 35% 131 g

Sucrose 131 g

Egg yolk 157 g

Corn starch 31 g

Rice starch 21 g

Salt 2 g

Coconut paste 60 g


Bring the liquids to 90°C. In a boulle, mix the egg yolk, sugar, salt and starches. Put the liquids into the boulle, mix the mixture and return to the heat to finish cooking. Add the coconut paste and place in a blast chiller. Use the cold cream as a filling for the croissant.

White chocolate and lime whipped ganache


Cream 35% (1) 178 g

Whole milk 58 g

Glucose syrup 40DE 40 g

White couverture chocolate 200 g

Gelatine mass 1:5 30 g

Cream 35% (2) 422 g

Lime peel 5 g


Heat cream (1), milk, glucose syrup and lime zest to 90°C. Add the gelatine mass, then pour the liquid over the chocolate and emulsify with the minipimer. Add the cold cream (2) and emulsify again. Refrigerate for 12/16 hours. Whip in a planetary mixer before use.

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ABOUT Gabriele Trovato – Pastry Teacher – IFSE  Academy

Gabriele Trovato, class of ‘93.

Always a lover of the world of food, he has cultivated a passion for working in pastry making since childhood.

He began working at a very young age, covering roles of ever-increasing responsibility that trained him in the management of high-level pastry making. For several years he has been involved in all-round training by managing and directing the IFSE ‘Pastry Science and Technology’ course and training the technical and commercial departments of several companies in the sector.

Since 2019 FreeLance as Pastry Advisor, dealing with teaching and consulting



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