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Elegant Catering Solution: THE SHAPE OF QUALITY

We continuously study design solutions without losing sight of the quality aspects of our products. That is why every single model in the Elegant Catering Solution line is subjected to scrupulous quality and safety checks, essential requirements to which we associate our passion for aesthetics.

Fill the cups with your creativity. Imagine for each design a different use: events, weddings, business meetings... many formats to enhance taste and aesthetics.

Because we care to make the difference

It may sound obvious and indeed, according to our principles, it should be the norm, but we care about our planet and that is why we have adopted specific protocols to minimise the environmental impact of our cups and saucers. Each model in the Elegant Catering Solution range is 100% recyclable, while our thorough testing guarantees a durability of up to 50 washes.

More than 60 MODELS

We offer a wide choice of models to suit various aesthetic tastes and requirements.

Our range consists of small cups and saucers available in different capacities and sizes, some of which are also suitable for delivery and take-away, thanks to specially designed practical lids.

For your best Creations

The transparency and extreme brightness of Elegant Catering Solution’s products are the fruit of our quest for excellence, which is also expressed through the choice of superior raw materials - such as Crystal - and the technologies used to obtain high quality finishes.

Thanks to these characteristics, we are able to put on the market products that allow all professionals to enhance their creations, both sweet and savoury. The quality of the material is also expressed in its thermal capacity: all models in the line adapt to temperatures ranging from -18° to +70° C.


Our company entirely manufactures the products of the Elegant Catering Solution line. The result is a product conceived, designed, manufactured and packaged with great attention to detail, tested and approved before it is put on the market.

100% Design Italiano

Italy is still considered one of the most loved and most imitated brands in the world. This is why we are proud to say that our glasses and saucers are entirely made in Italy. In fact, our expert designers create refined products with an unmistakable style, offering the timeless elegance and class typical of the “Belpaese”.

Want to know all the models in the range?

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Glasses & Cups

Discover all the models to make

beautiful creations.

Saucers and trays A complete range of mini plates and trays for preparing salads or sweet recipes.

Slice Cup - recipe By Javier Guillen

Javier Guillen's Slice Cup: a new recipe to create a tasty and beautiful experience.



Spring Summer
Collection 2024

Browse the new collection catalogue to discover many innovative ideas and inspirations.

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